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Mayor's Message

Mayor's Message

Dear people of Alanya, hello.

 Since 2014, the day we came to duty, we are trying to realize our common dream that is the development and promotion of Alanya. It is our highest priority to provide services that will make life easier for everyone in our city, increase the quality of life, make lives happier and give more smiles.

When we have all the above mentioned, we have the greatest strength. Every work that begins without loving a human being is just half, and half is stays. That is why you – the people, are in the core of all our services. Our main target is to share the same fate, breathe the same air and be under the same sky and make you happy to enjoy life in Alanya.

As the Alanya Municipality, pursuing these targets, we have laid foundations of many important projects before completing our second year in office. Infrastructure, superstructure, environment, transportation, zoning and planning, education, health, sports, culture art, urbanization etc. … We managed to do a lot of work called «unbelievable, can’t be done or impossible» with limited opportunities and carried Alanya to a high level.

We did all of these with your support. For this reason, we can’t thank you enough. We believe that, as we have done so far, we can pursue even bigger goals from imagination and turn them into reality as long as we stand shoulder to shoulder for each other.

We will continue to work with the same enthusiasm and faith in the new year. We hope and believe that each new year brings better and better things than the previous years. Day by day everything is growing and developing in Alanya, health, happiness, peace and concord. May your joys be forever and your hopes become real.

I celebrate the new year with these feelings, embracing all of you with love and respect.

Adem Murat Yücel

The Mayor of the Alanya Municipality