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Sandık Emini Kayhanlar House

Sandık Emini Kayhanlar House

This traditional Alanya house situated on Hisarici Neighborhood at Alanya Castle has been assigned to the municipality in free of charge to be used as Alanya Castle Traditional Crafts Center with the name of “Sandık Emini Kayhanlar House”.

It is understood that was constructed in 1889 from the inscription on the exterior walls. Ground floor of two-storey structure with exterior hall plan is wooden bond quarry stone. Surroundings of stones are pointed with brick – tile fragments by “civileme (nail work)” technique, unique to the region. Court and spaces around it, as seeing at Alanya houses, are sections to be used for barn and depot purposes.

Upstairs, the main living room of the building, consists of a courtyard (hayat) and spaces around it. The Courtyard (Hayat), the most frequently used space for daily life of households, becomes to most beautiful place by its general characteristics, its access to rooms and construction of the house. Çağnişir, one of the rooms facing to Courtyard (Hayat), is a room for entertaining guests at view side. Other two rooms, opening to Courtyard (Hayat), is situated at back and arbor in front façade of the structure.

At upstairs of the building, two separate construction system can be seen together. While spaces at exterior facades on view side are built with veneer above wooden skeleton, sections at back has continuation of quarry stone wall from ground level.

In the structure, two different roof system as earth roof and roof with inclined gutter tile are used.