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Gönül Pınarı

Gönül Pınarı

The store Gönül Pınarı continues to provide services in total to 1750 persons in need of clothes at a new location at the Street Abdullah Doğan, Saray Mahallesi.

The new site gives more spacious and comfortable services with departments divided by groups for infants, children, women and men of any age in need of clothes. People who need clothes may easily choose them by sizes preferred in separated departments. The store continues to provide services on a voluntary basis responding to every need of clothes for babies, braids and grooms, from winter to summer, from blue jeans to shoe. The Gönül Pınarı Store of the Alanya Municipality is waiting assistance from any philanthropists with view to provide services to citizens living in the districts far from the center.




The Store Gönül Pınarı gathering clothes donated by citizens and shops for those who are in need, at the new place of location has also started acceptance of medical supplies and household items. The Store Gönül Pınarı accepting household appliances, restored furniture, from citizens who want to donate their unused goods, from shops who want to dispose goods left in product series, began to deliver of these items to the families in need.



All the household goods donated by the citizens to the store Gönül Pınarı are delivered directly to the citizens’ homes of those in need without straining or delay. Those citizens who would like to donate goods can contact by 7/24 a day service of the Alanya Municipality Solutions TableNo. 444 82 07.



The Mayor of Alanya city Mr. Adam Murat Yucel, with a view to thank all the citizens and respective owners of the shops supporting the store Gönül Pınarı, said: “The Alanya Municipality Social Welfare Affairs in collaboration with the store Gönül Pınarı with support of our citizens and owners of the shops continues its services gifting smile to people in need.We now begin to accept not only the clothes and support of people, but also household goods and medical supplies. We shall continue delivery of our charitable donations to the citizens in need”.



The Alanya Municipality Gönül Pınarı

4-1/C Str. Abdullah Doğan, Saray Mahallesi (Behind the Valide Sultan Students’ Hostel, next to the Marketeers Chamber) Tel: 444 82 07